A Guide to Marking Warehouse Floors with Epoxy Coatings


仓库的地板是一个繁忙的地方。人们移动from one corner to another intermingled, with warehouse machinery sounds like a technological utopia. However, all this interaction without proper demarcation is a recipe for serious accidents and injuries. It's common for warehouses to have floor markings, either by using colored epoxy flooring or high visibility

Best Lab Flooring: Epoxy, Polyurethane, Vinyl, or Sealed Concrete?

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When choosing the best lab flooring, there are special considerations for every facility. Most labs need flooring that's durable, resistant to spills, and long-wearing. Most labs will also need flooring that can help maintain a controlled environment and reduce potential contaminants. Some labs may have additional electrostatic requirements, require extra fireproofing, or need heat-resistant flooring

Food Factory Flooring: Why Cementitious Urethane Is the Best

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Building and designing food processing plants require attention to detail. These plants cannot use any flooring design to satisfy a specific appearance taste. Instead, you need to choose a flooring material that can withstand daily work within the plant. When choosing the right food factory flooring, you must meet the flooring guidelines set by the

Airplane Hangar Floor Coating

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When choosing the right airplane hangar floor coating, there are several factors to consider. The type of hangar that you have will greatly influence your options for the best flooring solution. Questions to Consider before Deciding on Airplane Hangar Floor Coating What is my hangar space going to be used for? Are you just

4 Benefits of Concrete Floor Polishing


There are multiple benefits of concrete floor polishing, but even more so for certain industries. The floor of an industrial space undergoes a great deal of wear and tear. Whether this is the result of foot traffic, vehicular traffic, or a combination, the benefits of concrete floor polishing are great. Additionally, an epoxy coating can

3 Ways That Epoxy Floors Improve Your Business


当3环氧地板的方式提高你的业务n it comes to industrial flooring, we know that you have many choices at your fingertips. From polished concrete to beautifully colored epoxy coatings, the right flooring choice can actually help improve your business. Epoxy floors improve your business in 3 major ways: Attractive Flooring Is Impressive

Our Epoxy Flooring Installation Checklist


Epoxy Flooring Installation Checklist Step 1: Schedule the Installation Step 2: Clean the Surface Step 3: Repair Chips and Cracks Step 4: Clear the Installation Surface Prior to Installation Step 5: Plan to Remain Available Having epoxy flooring installed is a great way to ensure that your concrete floors look great and serve your business

Concrete Urethane – 8 Reasons It’s the Right Floor Choice for the Food Processing Industry


The food processing industry requires industrial strength floors that can withstand serious abuse, and concrete urethane is one of the best choices. Chemical and oils spills, heavy loads, and constant traffic, are only a few of the reasons plant managers need rugged flooring solutions. Here are eight reasons concrete urethane is up for the challenge

Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating: 5 Ways Epoxy Coatings Can Create a Safe and Secure Work Environment


One major goal for every company is to create a work environment that ensures overall safety and productivity for all employees. A great solution is to apply a safe coat of industrial epoxy floor coating on to your floor. It is a cost effective solution that provides long term protection and an improved look for

4 Reasons Why Epoxy Floors May Be Your Ideal Industrial Flooring System

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Finding the ideal industrial flooring system for a space and facility can be a huge concern. It is crucial to have the right flooring to maintain productivity and minimize risk of damage and injury. Not to mention it has to look good, be easy to maintain, and last. Epoxy flooring offers facility managers and owners

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