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A Guide to Marking Warehouse Floors with Epoxy Coatings

A warehouse floor is a busy place. People moving from one corner to another intermingled, with warehouse machinery sounds like a technological utopia. However, all this interaction without proper demarcation is a recipe for serious accidents and injuries. It's common

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最好的实验室地板:环氧树脂,聚urethane, Vinyl, or Sealed Concrete?

When choosing the best lab flooring, there are special considerations for every facility. Most labs need flooring that's durable, resistant to spills, and long-wearing. Most labs will also need flooring that can help maintain a controlled environment and reduce potential

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Food Factory Flooring: Why Cementitious Urethane Is the Best

Building and designing food processing plants require attention to detail. These plants cannot use any flooring design to satisfy a specific appearance taste. Instead, you need to choose a flooring material that can withstand daily work within the plant. When

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Industrial Epoxy Flooring for Manufacturers: Pros & Cons

Large-scale business settings, such as manufacturing plants and warehouses, tend to have a very large amount of flooring space. Wear from various types of machinery, spills, traffic from personnel and equipment, and other types of frequent use degrade concrete

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